Illustrations produced to many differnt project

This is some of the illustrative projects ive done for different companies, like Sofakompagniet, Experimentarium's exhibition "Ude på Skrammer", Roys Red and so on. I do illustrations for magazines,
Tote Bag Design, Children's Illustration and the latest project illustrations for a childerns theater called Woah.

My interest is that underneath the surface are the unperfect, melancholy and crazy. Those who do not fit in, all that comes forth when you scratch on the surface. I try to unite the figurative with the abstract, the melancholy with the liberating energy of humor, the visual and material.

Call or Write Finally if there are any questions or freelance assignments.

Illustrationer til forestillingen Woah


Fuglsang Manor House, Lolland

Griffen, Copenhagen N

23 Copenhagen, Copenhagen N

Thiemers Boghandel, Copenhagen V

Lanterne Rouge, Copenhagen K

Gallery Caroli, Malmo, Sverige

Trapholdt GrafikFestival 2015

Socialpædagogerne, Copenhagen K

Vinoble, Copenhagen K

HADERSLEVGADE 12, KL. 1670 KBH VESTERBRO, P : +45 22 32 02 12