I'm participating in the really beautifully bound book ART VERSUS DESIGN. It describes and shows how (and why) I, along with alot of others designer, work with illustration and design as a methode to bring forth new creative and innovative ideas, products and concepts.

Here's what the press has written about Danish Art Prints - Art Versus Design

Art versus Design is the name of a new coffee table book edited and published by WhatWeDo. The book is a 200 page compendium that contains interviews and examples of works from 66 Danish art printers. The book is written in English and printed in Denmark.
The theme 'art versus design' is discussed throughout the entire book. Both in the interviews with the artists and in the two prewords and 3 comments written by personalities from the Danish art and design scene.

The first foreword is written from an art point of view by Tom Jørgensen who is an art critic in Jutland Post and editor of Kunstavisen. He writes about why he thinks that the distinction between art and design is an infertile division. The second preface is written by editor Anja Hellberg from the Interior and Lifestyle magazine, The Housing Magazine. She writes about how art prints are an easy and affordable way to change your interior style.
The commentary by trend expert Mads Arlien-Søborg focuses on how art prints are to be seen in the wake of the poster art's growth in the 1920s and pop art from the 1960s, but also to be rated as its own independent genre.
The comment by Carla Cammilla Hjort and Scott Cooper is about the generation that longs for expressing themselves and how the internet and social media have made it possible.
The blogger and stylist Malene Marie Møller has written a comment about her personal perception of art and about how the perception of the concept of art has now become much more flexible.

Some of the participants answer confidently: 'Art!' on the question of whether they will categorize their prints as art or a decorative product while others respond more fluently and to me their answers reveal the new and exciting layers in the eternal debate about what is art and who has the right to call something for art .
Participants also provide a good insight into their work processes and other peers from their creative lives. One question that is asked is: 'What do you have on your own walls?'. The answers are many and give a unique insight into the participants' thoughts. Another question that arouses curiosity is 'What's your tagline?'. The answers give some good pocket philosophical considerations and everlasting quotes from the participants' own models.

The participants have very different backgrounds and their techniques range from digital collages to hand embroidery designs.

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